October 24, 2021

Test your sports knowledge!

  • Just $5 to play!
  • Compete against other sports fans in the West!
  • Predict the outcome of every game on the Pools card - get the most correct to win or share the prize pool.
  • Each card is for a separate sport.

How to Play

  1. Mark the Card Number you want to play - one digit for each vertical line.
  2. Mark your Play Type, which determines the cost of your ticket. You can "box" up to four games, to select both Visitor Win (V) and Home Win (H) for those games.
  3. Make your predictions. You must make a prediction for every game on the POOLS Card.

Give the completed slip and your wager to the Retailer before the POOLS Card closing date. Check your ticket before leaving the store to make sure it's what you selected.

How to Win

  • If you choose the most correct in your pool, you win!
  • The prize pool for a Card will be shared by all Selections matching the highest number of correct predictions. For example, if 12 games are on a Card, and no player correctly predicted all 12, the prize pool is shared by all Selections matching 11. If nobody correctly predicted either 12 or 11, the prize pool goes to all Selections matching 10 - and so on. There are no subsidiary prizes.

The total number of winners and the prize pool value for a POOLS Card will be printed on the next Card for that sport, on all tickets purchased for that next Card's pool, on the POOLS Game List page and the POOLS Results page.

Download Playbook

Download the Playbook and keep for a handy reference!


Final outcomes for POOLS include all extra play - overtime, shootouts, extra innings, etc. If a tie occurs in a game (both teams have the same score at the end of all play), this is called a PUSH - both the "V" and "H" outcomes are considered correct!

The total prize pool available for a POOLS Card depends on the number of Selections sold for that Card. The total prize pool for a POOLS Card is 60% of sales for that Card.

See the Official Game Conditions and Prize Structure Statements for more details.