September 25, 2021

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Q: While playing PRO•LINE, all my teams won by league rules, but the ticket doesn't seem to be a winner. Why?

A: PRO•LINE offers players three outcomes: Home Win, Visitor Win and Tie. The definition of a "Tie" in PRO•LINE varies by sport. For all sports except Hockey and Soccer, PRO•LINE results include all extra play. For Hockey and Soccer, PRO•LINE results are at the end of regulation play and injury time, but do not include overtime and shootouts. To view the PRO•LINE Tie Rules click here.

Q: I wagered on Golf yesterday, but I don’t see the results yet. Why?

A: Tournament golf is different from most traditional sports wagering, because the results are based on multiple-day tournament play. So results are not posted until the day after the tournament is complete. You can find more information on Tournament Golf here.

Q: What happens when a game is postponed or rained out before it is finished?

A: When games are delayed, suspended, cancelled, or called incomplete by the league, WCLC assigns an odds value of 1.00 to the outcome for that game. In POINT SPREAD, the potential payout will be reduced to the next lowest category.
In baseball, the league considers a delayed game that cannot be resumed "official" any time after four and a half innings if the home team is leading, or five innings if the home team is losing. Once the score of the delayed game has been declared official, WCLC considers the game completed and the score at the time the game was called is the official result of the game.

Q: I only see today’s hockey games on the Game List. When can I wager on tomorrow’s games?

A: Most SPORT SELECT odds are released the same day games are played. This allows odds setters to evaluate previous games, and it minimizes the impact from late developments such as player injuries. As football games are played approximately a week a part, football odds are generally released a few days in advance.

Q: I tried having my sports ticket for today’s game checked, but it doesn’t register any prize. Why?

A: Game result information is entered into our computer system overnight. That means any prizes won playing SPORT SELECT cannot be claimed until the day following the last game played on the ticket. If you tried to validate your ticket on the same day the games were played, it would not have showed as a winning ticket because the results of those games had not yet been entered into the system.

Q: When I play PRO•LINE Combo Play, sometimes I can pick more than four ties and sometimes I can't. Why?

A: Players may choose a maximum of four ties per ticket in PRO•LINE. When you play a 4-Game Combo, because the five or six games you choose are played in combinations of four, you may pick ties for all the games.
However, if you add Standard Play to your 4-Game Combo ticket, you may only choose four ties as in a standard PRO•LINE ticket.

Q: How do I upgrade my Internet browser?

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