October 24, 2021

The two-outcome game using a traditional "spread."

  • Predict whether the Favourite will win by more points than the published spread, or if the Underdog will prevent them from doing so.
  • All your picks must be from the same sport.
  • In most cases, all your picks must be correct to win.

How to Play

  1. Mark the number of games you want to predict - two to 12. All Selections must be from the same sport.
  2. Mark the game numbers you are wagering on. For example, to select Game 5, mark box 5; to select game 25, mark box 20 and box 5 on the same board.
  3. Mark your predictions - either a Visitor Win (V) or Home Win (H).
  4. Wager from $2 to $100, as shown on the Selection Slip.

Give the completed slip with your wager to the Retailer before the start of the earliest game you selected. Check your ticket before leaving the store to make sure it's what you selected.

How to Win

If all of your picks are correct, you win. There are also subsidiary prizes for correctly predicting nine out of 10, 10 out of 11, 10 out of 12, or 11 out of 12 games.

Correct Predictions Hockey/Baseball Payouts Football/Basketball Payouts
1* correct pays 1.25 x wager 1.25 x wager
all 2 correct pays 2 x wager 2.5 x wager
all 3 correct pays 4 x wager 5 x wager
all 4 correct pays 8 x wager 9 x wager
all 5 correct pays 15 x wager 16 x wager
all 6 correct pays 30 x wager 30 x wager
all 7 correct pays 50 x wager 50 x wager
all 8 correct pays 90 x wager 90 x wager
all 9 correct pays 150 x wager 150 x wager
all 10 correct pays 200 x wager 200 x wager
all 11 correct pays 400 x wager 400 x wager
all 12 correct pays 500 x wager 500 x wager
9/10 correct pays 10 x wager 10 x wager
10/11 correct pays 15 x wager 15 x wager
10/12 correct pays 5 x wager 5 x wager
11/12 correct pays 20 x wager 20 x wager

*Only applies if all but one of the games you predicted were cancelled, considered not completed or deemed deleted because the game commenced or was completed prior to your wager being made, leaving one game which you predicted correctly. A refund is paid if all games predicted are cancelled, considered not completed or deemed deleted.

  • Download the Playbook for more info!
  • You can only select games from the same sport.
  • For all sports except Hockey, final POINT SPREAD results include all extra play. For Hockey, final results do not include overtime or shootouts.
  • Because it's a little more difficult to predict football and basketball, the prizes for two, three, four, and five picks are slightly higher for those sports than they are for hockey and baseball.
  • POINT SPREAD prizes are subject to an aggregate maximum daily limit of $1 million. See the official Game Conditions and Prize Structure Statements for more details.